portal la plata Quick wander into La Plata in el Gòtic near Correus. Opened in 1945 and has remained constant while the neighbourhood around has changed in ways uncountable. It’s a Barcelona institution and beautiful in it’s simplicity and quality (and decor).

Offered are four tapas: anchoas, pescadito frito, botifarra and tomato/olive/onion salad. All excellent. Great staff and a good mix of clientele – guiris, locals and celebrities. Prices – reasonable. Stop in (if you can – it’s tiny, good luck) and salut i força al canut!

La Platala prova del delicte
C/Mercé 28
Metro: Jaume I, Barceloneta (L4)
Dl-Ds 9.00-15.30 i 18.30-23.00

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