Fuet!This week after a lengthy absence we visited an old favourite, La Llesca in Gràcia. It’s a typical Catalan taverna, functional and to the point. Not pretentious and famous people don’t eat here. All the more reason to go.

image2First off some ham (pernil del país) and some fuet… along with the house wine… the wine wasn’t great but the ham and fuet were both tops. Service is attentive and quick. There wasn’t a wait to get a table, surprising that the hipsters haven’t found this place yet. For the main course for me an entrecot with mongetes (beans) and for M lamb chops with potatoes… all cooked perfectly as ordered. The highlight of La Llesca is, as you can gather, meat and it delivers as promised. Total for the bill: 45€ 2 people! Nice.

Note there are 2 locations, we went to the one on C/Terol.

image4In other news, I had the good luck to spend a week in Myanmar (Burma) and what a fascinating place that is. The country was virtually closed to tourism for most of the latter half of the 20th century, and the level of development is surprisingly low. Most people I talked to about it didn’t even know it existed. This gives the advantage of being the only tourists (or among very few) wherever one goes – and not having 30 street vendors or pickpockets following one around everywhere. The people are very friendly (many just wanted to take a photo together) and go out of their way to be accommodating.

barcosThe food is as one might expect, bloody spicy. In the capital it tends to be close to Indian food (Yangon is a British creation and was formerly primarily inhabited by Indians), in the rest of the country it varies depending on the region (the country has an immense variety of ethnic groups) but did I mention it’s spicy? I’m not averse to spicy food but sometimes, I was like, really people? It’s 35 degrees out and you eat this? Anyhow I’d recommend visiting Myanmar without a doubt, I’m told the experience is much better than in other countries in Southeast Asia. Apart from the capital I saw Bagan and Inle Lake.

Myanmar on wikipedia.

La Llesca
C/Terol 6 – Metro Fontana L3
Travessera de Gràcia 86 – Metro Diagonal (L3, L5)

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