IMG_0610Wandering aimlessly around Barcelona on a Sunday with the “Estrella de caminata” and lookie… Hey you know this pizza place over here’s supposed to be good… M: Pos nem-hi vinga! The next review was going to be of Bar Cañete in Raval but I’ll pop this one in since it’s a nice one, a really nice surprise.

Before I start some caveats, we both lived in Italy and:

1) We’re picky about Italian food.
2) We’re picky about Italian food.
3) We’re picky about Italian food.

IMG_0611NAP (Neapolitan Authentic Pizza) is a smallish place in Born near the market. Snuck in without a wait but there seems to be a huge queue always, and I don’t think reservations can be done. Good luck.

Well what did we have then? Surprise, a bottle of red wine (Italian… meh, but explaining the virtues of Priorat wasn’t my mission today) and a rucola/tomato/formaggio salad to start. Some baked aubergine with cheese and tomato sauce. And a pizza! Pizza Regina: cheese, tomatoes, basil… simple. Classic. Yummy. Pizza fans take note, they get the dough right here. It’s all about the dough. They have a real pizza oven. They know how to use it. People walking by stared through the windows at the food like we were in a fish tank.

IMG_061230€ for both of us. Un chollo. Friendly service, nice people. They don’t deliver but they do pick ups. There’s one in Barceloneta too.

IMG_0613Av/Francesc Cambó 30 (Metro: Jaume I)
C/Baluard, 69, Barcelona (Metro: Barceloneta)




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