11086668_10204829094061828_1104171753_nWith all the cuisine Barcelona has to offer… Italian, French, Chinese, Russian, Ethiopian, English (maybe not), American, Hungarian… sometimes you just wanna get back to keeping it real with Catalan food. Pà amb tomaquet, el porrò, alioli… the classics. So after a bit of a hiatus we hit up Cal Boter in Gràcia. Founded in 1986, the calling card of the restaurant is quality ingredients and traditional cooking, and it’s a win win on both points.

11104286_10204829094141830_1616790715_nThe restaurant itself is lovely, with tiled and stone surfaces througout (hey, this is a local place, things will get splashed and spilled oi?), and they even have old auques on the walls which bring back memories. The service is great and friendly which is admirable given how busy the place gets. We didn’t have a problem getting in but we called about an hour in advance just to be sure, on weekends they pack em in. The prices are somewhat higher, 60€ for two people with drinks, but it was worth the cost.

Starting off with an assortment of grilled vegetables – asparagus, tomatoes, aubergines, potatoes… with Romesco on the side. Something light as to not get too full for the main course, and prepared perfectly with good ingredients. For drinky drinks a Montsant (I am such a huge fan of Montsant) which was strong and perfect to accompany MEAT which is what we had.

I ordered an entrecot, a steak, keep it simple, and this was good. Good product, prepared well, just like I asked. No need to complicate it. M had cabrit arrebossat, breaded goat (cabrit is a goat under 4-5 months old), tender and delicious. Both plates came with roasted potatoes. Again, a simple recepie just done well.

For ‘dessert’ Cafè Irlandès… no further comment.11136999_10204829093341810_2089039163_n

This is a perfect restaurant to go with a group of friends, since local places lend themselves well to tapeig, everyone gets something different and everyone shares the plates. Other noteworthy things I noticed: a large variety of botifarra plates, various of bacalao, trinxat and more tasties to be sampled on another visit.

Cal Boter
Tordera, 62. Metro: Joanic o Verdaguer (L4)
Tue-Sun from 9am to 12am

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