I’ll start my reviews for the Barcelona Gastronomic Society with quick post about a fine dinner at Can Kenji, an izakaya (居酒屋), or Japanese tavern, found in a rather unremarkable location in the Eixample. It’s easy to miss and small, which is probably why I never noticed it before. But when you walk into a Japanese restaurant, and the staff is Japanese (well some Catalans too), and the customers are too, you know you’ve hit gold.

We started with some very fine miso, the soy was fresh and tasty and none of that packet nonsense that unfortunately gets served at places here in Barcelona. Some Sapporo beer, then some delicious tuna makis (photo) and an assorted table of sushi, all very good quality and with excellent service. Dessert was green tea ice cream (very delicious, I wonder if it was made in house). Have to head back for some of the other dishes and make a proper review.

Prices are reasonable. Be sure to make a reservation, the place is small and popular.


Where: Roselló 325,   [L5,L2] Verdaguer metro station. Mon-Sun  13:00 – 15:30,   20:30 – 23:00

Can Kenji

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