IMG-20140704-WA005How’s she cuttin’? That is the first thing that came to my mind when I realized that two Irish lads and a Swiss opened Koku Kitchen a few weeks ago. You would never tell that these guys specialize in ramen and gyozas.

My friend Auri was very much looking forward to trying this new ramen place in Gòtic, it was my pleasure. If you do a 360 degree view, you will see that we are back to table sharing restaurants (there are 4-5 communal tables). The wooden furniture makes this restaurant welcoming and cozy. Tourists everywhere (how come they know each cool place in town?) and few Spaniards. The service is excellent, plus they always wear a smile.

David Bowie playing, that is definitely a match point!

But IMG-20140704-WA012what is ramen? It is a Japanese noodle soup served in a rich chicken broth, flavoured with soy sauce or miso, and toppings such as sliced pork, seaweed nori, and colorful kamaboko. The traditional Japanese cuisine has been registered on UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list!IMG-20140704-WA008

I ordered a miso ramen with chashu: the broth is well flavored and uber-filling. It comes with Chinese-style noodles, generous portions of chashu (pork), a boiled egg, spring onion, garlic and seaweed nori. A Japanese wooden spoon makes this noodle soup very special.

There are four different types of ramen (a vegetable one too) and seven different types of toppings. If you add butter, the soup tastes delicious. Of course side dishes as well, such as vegetable or pork gyozas (definitely homemade dumplings).


I ordered a pure lemonade, which is “made from lemon, lime and lots of love“. Thought it was made with lemongrass to tell you the truth! There is a list of Catalan artisan beer, that is a plus.

Save room for dessert!

Where: Carrer de Carabassa 19 “Drassanes” [L3] metro station. Tue-Sun: 1-4 pm; 7:30-11:30 pm.

Koku Kitchen
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