IMG-20140704-WA000We came across this new place thanks to the Ruta de Tapes del Raval last Friday (click here to see the participating bars and restaurants). If you feel passion about Cera23 restaurant, be ready to try the new place that some of their founding partners just opened on June 26th in this roaring neighborhood.

Their special tapa receives critical and commercial success: Pulpo fusión al pimentón: octopus tempura with potato foam and nori with paprika alioli (pulpo en tempura con espuma de patata y alga nori con alioli de pimentón). Just mouthwatering, right? The secret is a fresh, dully frozen (the freezing process actually helps tenderize the meat), completely thawed, cooked and eaten octopus. And well, the chef worked in a two-Michelin starred restaurant, but hushhh…

They are targeting a traditional Galician food and nouvelle cuisine fusion in this welcoming town to face their “morriña” (homesickness). Actually, Arume is named after a Galician word which literally means “dry pine leaf that falls to the ground” (hoja seca de los pinos que cae al suelo).

There are two cozy dining rooms (we love the tiny cages on the wall and the tables with engraved birds) and a welcoming counter where they will prepare fresh fruit cocktails right in front of you. À la carte menu available from July 2nd, really looking forward to dinner.

Special thanks to Rubén, Eduardo and Carlos, who welcomed us to their new place. Best of luck with this amazing project!

And special thanks to Auri for the picture.

Where: Carrer de Botella 13. “Sant Antoni” metro station [L2]

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