IMG-20121214-WA000Look for this Menú del Día sign outside the restaurant and you will end up where Barcelonians go to eat lunch (regional specialties). It is a lunch deal with good quality food at a very reasonable price offered from Monday to Friday (1 pm-3:30 pm). The menú changes daily, but still, it consists of:

  • a first course: soup, salad, paella (particularly on Thursdays), pasta, scrambled eggs, or seasonal vegetables.
  • a main course: meat (beef steak, pork chops, meatballs, grilled chicken, rabbit stew), grilled fish (normally hake or cod), or grilled cuttlefish.
  • bread.
  • a drink: be it a glass of wine, beer, water or a soft drink.
  • coffee or dessert (be it a piece of fruit, fruit salad, ice cream, pudding or crema catalana [Catalan crème brûlée]). You can have both coffee and dessert if you pay extra.

These are our favorite places with Menú del Día:

Restaurant Tallers, in Carrer de Tallers 6-8, for 8,75 Euro (with three courses, yes, three!).
El Rebost d’Hostafrancs, in Carrer de Béjar 51, for 10 Euro.
Can Bigotis, in Carrer de Badajoz 36, for 11 Euro.
Barlovento, in Rambla del Poblenou 21, for 11 Euro (with a terrace too!).
Mercè Vins, in Carrer de n’Amargós 1, for 12 Euro.

Thank you to everyone who gave us your restaurant recommendations (Héctor and Cristina XO). Bon appétit!

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