This tiny place in Born district serves freshly homemade dim sum (aka dumplings), which is a rarity in town (in lieu of the tasteless frozen ones). There are also soups, noodles, satay chicken, crispy duck, steamed edamame and other delicacies for lunch. The variety of dim sum is even larger for dinner.

A wide variety of craft beers (Belgian, French, Dutch and Catalan brews; in bottle, in barrel, or hand pumped); fruit soft drinks and teas. At last a not overloaded Asian decoration! Only cooks and four red lanters are Chinese in here.

Ordering is uber easy: get a menu and tick the box next to each dish you would like to order. Attention, first-timers:

shui jiao: Chinese boiled dumpling
guo tie: Chinese pan fried dumpling
cha sao bao(or char siu bao): Cantonese steamed barbecue-pork-filled bun
har gow (or ha gao): Cantonese steamed shrimp dumpling
phở bo: Vietnamese beef noodle soup
phở ga: Vietnamese chicken noodle soup
bun gao: Vietnamese rice noodles
mochi: Japanese rice cake
edamame: Japanese soybean

The Cantonese expression for eating dim sum, “yum cha”, literally means “to drink tea”. Dim sum is served in Hong Kong, most cities in Guandong province, and many Chinatowns all over the world.

Where: Carrer dels Carders 46. “Arc de Triomf” [L1] or “Jaume I” [L4] metro station. Tue-Sun, 1 pm-1 am; Mon: 7:30 pm-1am

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