If you miss the Hungarian flavors, hit up Paprika Gourmet. This deli & bistro imports all type of food and beverages from Hungary. Such as pastrami (delicatessen meat usually made of beef), spices and foie gras.

Did you know that Hungary is the second largest producer of foie gras after France? Also, the first producer of paprika (red pepper, sun-dried and reduced to powder). We had a nice chat with Veronika and Daniel, and the pleasure of being invited to a private wine tasting with their friends.

Take a walk around Sagrada Família and end up here trying their freshly made salami sandwiches, smoked cheese, and spicy sausages. You can also find chocolate cherries on the shelves, different varieties of chutneys, and truffled foie gras. A special mention to their good selection of wines.

Where: Carrer de Castillejos 248. “Sagrada Família” metro station [L2] or [L5]. Mon 6 pm-9 pm, Tue-Sat 11 am-9 pm

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