A tapa is offered completely for free with your drink (be it beer or wine) in many places throughout Spain. Not in Barcelona though, but… – and we love exceptions – there are a few bars in town where the free tapa tradition is ongoing. Here are a couple of places:


GATAMALA, in Carrer de Rabassa 37.

This modern and tiny bar offers a different creative tapa with each drink (from 1,75 Euro). The tapa #4 is served hot. The skirt steak (entraña) with mashed potatoes is delicious.

Note to self: try their gintonics too.










AMBIENTE DEL SUR, in Carrer de Viladomat 85.

The bartender provides a homemade tapa (be it omelette, paella, meatballs, croquette or calamari) ordering a small glass of beer (from 1,60 Euro).

Good vibes in this Andalusian inspired place. Like them on FB.





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