Sushi is not the ambassador of Japanese food, no way. I came across this Japanese restaurant on my way to work long time ago.

First of all, the employees are Japanese, something I’m grateful for about Japanese restaurants in town. The kind and smiley owner Michiko and her family will make you feel home. The place is small, simple and clean, and offers traditional Japanese food, just like an izakaya (Japanese tavern). In this izakaya customers sit on stools and dine from tables, or seat by the bar.

Their original menuboards hang from the ceiling. If you’re not sure what to order, try a bento, a daily dish made up of several small plates. I like the Katsu Don, which is basically a bowl of rice with deep-fried pork (not oily at all) and egg.

This place accepts cash only.

Where: Carrer d’Aragó 104. “Urgell” metro station [L1]. Tue-Sat, 1 pm-10 pm
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